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Use of cornerstone’s building:

Use of the church facilities are reserved for church members only. If you or your fiancé are a member of cornerstone church then you can schedule a wedding on site. To see if your date is available contact our church admin Darla Johnson at info@thecornerstone.church.  A walk through will also be scheduled at that time, as needed.

Our church is heavily invested in our community and every Friday night we host celebrate recovery on our church campus. If your wedding is on a Saturday, you can have access to the building after celebrate recovery is finished at 8 PM on Friday night to decorate and conduct rehearsal.

Because of this, there will be no Friday weddings at our church campus.

Use of our facility requires a use fee of $400, which includes a $100 deposit, due before the event.  The deposit will be refunded if you choose to provide custodial services and the areas used are picked up, vacuumed, swept, mopped, as needed, and returned to their original conditions.  (Written instructions for custodial service are available as needed.)  


The $400 facility fee will provide the following:

*Access to the facility for your wedding rehearsal and the day of your ceremony. You will have the facility for a total of 3 hours. Anything over 3 hours will be charged at a rate of $50/hour. Saturday evening weddings must conclude by 9 pm.

*A sound guy to run your sound/lighting/screens during your rehearsal and wedding ceremony

*Custodial services for wedding rehearsal and ceremony.

*A special key code for building access

 Facilities Use Agreements will require the signature of the responsible Cornerstone member at the time the date of the event is confirmed.

Use of Pastoral staff:

If you would like for one of our pastors on staff to do your ceremony, they would love to be a part of your special day. Because their time is valuable and they will be spending it away from their families and most likely work on an off day we would ask the following:

A love offering of $250 would be expected for the pastor to be given either at the wedding rehearsal or ceremony. Please know that our pastors are here to serve you and any amount you give for them is appreciated. 

The love offering includes:

*4-5 one hour pre-marital counseling sessions done prior to the wedding ceremony. 

*One thirty-minute wedding ceremony consultation for specifics for your ceremony

*Full participation of your wedding rehearsal. Please include a meal for the pastor and his spouse (if applicable)

*The pastor will show up approximately 30 minutes prior to the wedding ceremony on your wedding day. The pastor will stay as long as needed. Please count the pastor and spouse for dinner (if applicable)

*The pastor will wear a suit and tie unless told otherwise. If you would like the pastor to wear a specific suit please pay for the rental and he will be happy to oblige.

*Notarization of your marriage license on your wedding day. Done either before the ceremony or immediately afterwards

Traveling to and from the venue:

The love offering includes travel expenses for our pastors up to 30 minutes away from Cornerstones church.

If your wedding venue is farther than 30 minutes away, please take that into consideration for your love offering.  

Wedding venues an hour away or longer will require additional compensation for travel. The standard business travel rate can be figured out from the distance of Cornerstone Church to your venue. Please remember that this will be round-trip going and coming they total of four times, for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.

If getting married farther than 2 hours away, out of state or out of country and you would like the pastor to do your ceremony, please be sure to cover their travel and lodging accommodations. In these circumstances, our pastors understand that a love offering may not be necessary. Please use your discretion in this matter as in most instances they will be away from their families for a day and a half.  

Ceremony only:

In rare cases one of our pastors may be available to show up and just perform a wedding ceremony. 

Our pastors would love to be able to do pre-marital counseling with you but understand sometimes this isn’t possible. 

If a pastor shows up just to perform marriage vows and to notarize your wedding license please give them a love offering for their time.